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At Cadenshae, we are very proud to partner with some of the world's best organisations and charities.

Cadenshae will only partner with organisations who are doing great things - particularly for pregnant women, new mothers, children and their families. With this in mind, we invite you to learn more about Cadenshae’s valued partnerships below. Get behind these guys – they’re the good ones.

&Mother, co-founded by former US Olympian Alysia Montaño (who Cadenshae sponsors personally), is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to breaking the barriers limiting a woman’s choice to pursue both career and motherhood - starting with professional athletes.

In today's climate, there's a real lack of support for female athletes who are already mothers, or those who wish to become mothers during the peak of their careers. Based in the United States, &Mother aims to give women the strength, encouragement and financial aid to pursue both career and motherhood... without any penalties or barriers. &Mother envisions a workplace where mothers are leaders and sought after as employees; where motherhood is not a secret and women can openly express their needs without retribution. &Mother is starting its quest with professional female athletes, but plans to help women/mothers in a multitude of careers in the future.

We at Cadenshae are honoured to be a Founding Partner of &Mother and through this partnership we have been able to help three US athletes - also mothers - (Dawn Harper-Nelson, Sara Vaughn and Olicia Williams) get to the Olympic trials in 2021. All going well, these three athlete moms will make it onto the Olympic Games in Tokyo. This is just the beginning...and we are so excited to see what &Mother has planned next!

We partnered with Plunket NZ in 2019 🤗 Our partnership was all about ensuring our new mums are happy and healthy. We believe by working together, we can encourage women, especially new mothers, to look after themselves as best they can, for the betterment of their entire family. This is something that we hold close to our hearts here at Cadenshae, and we are so honoured to be working alongside Plunket to achieve it.
Plunket is a household name in New Zealand, but for those of you who don’t know, Plunket is New Zealand's largest provider of support services for the development, health and wellbeing of children under five. Plunket works together with Kiwi families and communities, to ensure the best start for every child. Cadenshae is proud to support Plunket nationwide by providing financial assistance, as well as items for the area’s new mothers.

The Starship Foundation brings better health and brighter futures to our children by empowering Starship, the national children’s hospital, to accelerate and sustain world-class healthcare for all New Zealand children. There are nearly 135,000 patient visits to Starship Child Health each year including around 1,000 patient outreach clinics where Starship clinicians offer specialist consultation and support all around the country. Cadenshae is an official ‘Campaign Supporter’ of the Starship Foundation. It’s our goal at Cadenshae, to help Starship provide better health and brighter futures for our children. One way we do this is through the creation of the beautiful ‘Cadenshae/Starship’ tank. For every tank that sells, Cadenshae gives every single dollar to the cause. Please help us help Starship kids... buy a tank for the Starship Foundation today!

Mothers Helpers is another New Zealand based operation, set up to help prevent postnatal depression in mums who are at-risk, and to work towards wellness for mothers with existing postnatal depression. Mothers Helpers provides a 10-week recovery programme facilitated by trained professionals – counsellors, social workers, qualified life coaches, psychologists or mental health nurses. The organisation is working to make this programme available free of charge to all women in New Zealand. As a company dealing with pregnant and new mums on the daily, supporting an initiative like Mothers Helpers was a no brainer. As well as providing financial backing to the campaign, we at Cadenshae are dedicated to spreading awareness about this phenomenal resource to help keep our mums happy and healthy. We truly believe a happy mum = a happy child, and there’s nothing more important than that! Mothers Helpers, you are amazing. Thank you for all you’re doing!

La Leche League (LLL) is an international organisation that helps parents, families, and communities to breastfeed, chest-feed, and human milk feed their babies through parent-to-parent support. LLL encourages, informs, educates, supports, and promotes the use of human milk and the intimate relationship and development that comes from nursing a child for as long as mutually desired. Many countries throughout the world have their own LLL set up to best help the new mothers and families of their region. Cadenshae are massive advocates of LLLs internationally, but we have set up a special relationship with LLL USA, as we want to help promote breastfeeding in a country where maternity leave is severely limited, thus effecting a mother’s likelihood to nurse for a pro-longed period of time. Many women have to go back to work six weeks post-partum, once their paid maternity leave has ended…brutal. We have sponsored a number of events throughout the USA, and will continue to show our support when needed.

La Leche League Canada provides mother-to-mother/parent-to-parent/peer support for pregnant women, new parents and beyond. In person, by phone, online, and in informal group meetings, Canadian LLL Leaders assist new mothers by providing evidence-based information on breastfeeding and human milk. LLL Canada aims to help parents raise happy, healthy children in every province and territory. In the same way we are aligned with LLL USA, we also campaign LLL Canada and adore what they do for the women and families of Canada, at no cost. We will provide sponsorship to this organisation when needed, to ensure they keep up their fantastic work.