The 25 Best Mum Blog Sites and Why!

The 25 Best Mum Blog Sites and Why!

Posted by Ellen Chisholm on

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When you’re expecting, and when you’ve just become a mother, a million and one questions can be running through your head at the same time. A lot of us tend to jump online for the answers, and when I say a lot of us…I mean most of us!

There’s so much information out there, and it can be hard to know what is trust-worthy, and what is downright spam or revenue we at Cadenshae thought we’d take the guess work out for you – because…you’re either pregnant and super tired and don’t have the energy to sift through pages and pages of web-based junk, or, you’ve just had a baby, and not only are you too tired to sift…you actually have very little time to do anything, except care for your newbie! We hear you, so we’ve done the research!

The majority of our Cadenshae customers come from the USA, Canada, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. We’ve made it super easy for all five regions and listed the five best ‘mom/mum’ blogs in your area. And for those of you from another country, we’re sorry, but we believe you’ll still be able to get a lot out of these sites – being a mum/mom/mama is a universal thing after all!

Check out these amazing mum blogs for some quality information, advice, tips, or just something to simply entertain you for a bit. Enjoy!

Bonus Tip: For this particular list, I found the US, Canadian and Australian blogs to be quite ‘corporate,’ and ‘professional,’ with a focus on pop culture, and more research-based, scientifically quantified articles. They’re big blogs with big audiences, and are large scale business. The blogs from the UK and NZ however I found to be more homely, cosy and friendly. More personal, like you’re reading up on what your best friend has been doing. All are fantastic resources, and I’m not favouring any particular kind over the other, but if you’re craving a certain kind of vibe, keep this in mind.

24/7 Moms
Facebook Fans: 738k
Instagram Followers: 6.5k
If you’re after some ideas on…well almost anything mom related - look no further than 24/7 Moms. Run by ‘Trisha,’ a mom of five kids (whoa!). This blog is all about ‘keeping it simple.’ A total winner!

Rookie Moms
Facebook Fans: 22.5k
Instagram Followers: 23.4k
Just as the title suggests, this fabulous page has loads of sound information for pregnant and first time moms. It has a plethora of good articles in regards to breastfeeding.

Working Mother
Facebook Fans: 278k
Instagram Followers: 34k
‘Working Mother’ is a fantastic tool for our working mamas. This site not only offers brilliant advice on how best to balance the two loads, but it also keeps tabs on the best companies to work for as a mom, could be worth checking out if you’re not feeling the love at your place of work?

Café Mom
Facebook Fans: 410k
Instagram Followers: 20k
There’s so much information on here for every stage of motherhood, but the thing I like the most about this blog, is it is more of a ‘news site’ focusing on stories that would most likely interest mothers and pregnant women.

Kelly Mom
Facebook Fans: 366k
If you like scientific based research and advice from the experts, then Kelly Mom is for you. This blog is full of informative articles, often written by industry professionals.

Baby Gaga
Facebook Fans: 1.5m
Instagram Followers: 8k
This is a big one! Baby Gaga’s got it all, but a major point of difference is the fact this blog has a section dedicated to Dads, very cool. Lots of good news articles and essential information for any pregnant or new mom (or dad)!

Today’s Parent
Facebook Fans: 260k
Instagram Followers: 53k
A well-oiled machine, with A LOT of valuable information any pregnant or Canadian mom would need. From pregnancy, through to child birth, the baby stages through to the teen years. This page will have you sorted.

Pregnant Chicken
Facebook Fans: 278k
Instagram Followers: 164k
A Canadian blog, but with a large US following also - Pregnant Chicken offers solid information around all things baby related. The stand out section is the ‘Scary Shit’ series. Finally, a blog not too scared to delve into the shitty side of pregnancy and parenting! We need to know this stuff!

Mommy, Kat and Kids
Facebook Fans: 21k
Instagram Followers: 4.5k
This one is a cutie and has a lot of great information on travelling as a parent, with excellent ideas for kid-friendly holidays. A lot of product reviews, so a good idea if you’re Canadian to check this blog out before buying the ‘next big thing.’ A few cool giveaways on here too!

My Organized Chaos!
Facebook Fans: 26k
Instagram Followers: 7.5k
This is a hilarious blog with some great articles, a fun place to come to for a good laugh! Some awesome life hacks on here – check out the ‘Everyday Life Hacks’ article, you’ll be glad you did!


Honest Mum
Facebook Fans: 35k
Instagram Followers: 53.5k
Vicky, a.k.a, ‘The Honest Mum,’ is a blogger and vlogger, who has some hefty awards to her name. The thing I like most is the great video content on her blog. Videos talking about motherhood, pregnancy, parenting, style, fashion etc. Sometimes your eyes are just too sore to read, and a good video is a great option on those days!

My Baba
Facebook Fans: 35.5k
Instagram Followers: 16k
This is a visually beautiful blog, packed full of information on all things mum and bub. From pregnancy, to fashion, party ideas to advice from the experts…My Baba is a gem.

Brummy Mummy of 2
Facebook Fans: 36k
Instagram Followers: 94.5k
Need a laugh? Check Emma out! The Brummy Mummy of 2 is very funny, and her blog is mainly made up of interesting, funny, deep or ‘soppy’ (as she says) posts (written by Emma) that to be honest, make you feel less alone as a mum. Emma, thank you - you’re a goodin.

Rainy Day Mum
Facebook Fans: 27k
Instagram Followers: 11k
I find this one to be a wholesome, ‘hearty’ blog, and maybe it’s the name in itself that makes me think this, but this blog gives me the cosy vibes as I’m looking through it. Lots of great ideas for family fun (in any weather), and beautiful ‘realistic’ meals that most of us would actually be able to make. I feel quite ‘in sync’ with this one!

Mum in the Madhouse
Facebook Fans: 37k
Instagram Followers: 11k
MITM has a similar feel to the blog above, full of great recipes and excellent activities for kiddies. Lots of fun holiday craft ideas - for all the major ones celebrated in the UK. If you like the Rainy Day Mum, give this one a whirl too. Brilliant.

Stay At Home Mum
Facebook Fans: 527k
Instagram Followers: 31k
This blog is packed full of information, there’s not much they’ve missed! It prides itself on being a little ‘cheeky,’ and it certainly is. I love the ‘Job’ section as you don’t see that in too many blog sites. A hugely helpful resource for working mums. I’m also a big fan of the ‘baby name generator,’ awesome concept.

Mum Central
Facebook Fans: 656k
Instagram Followers: 17k
Mum Central has the same sort of feeling to it as Café Mom. It’s a big site, clearly commercially successful, and has a load of interesting articles and posts on all things motherhood and much more. It’s easy to see why this blog has such a huge following.

Mum’s Lounge
Facebook Fans: 255k
Instagram Followers: 11k
With news, reviews, articles galore, this is a great blog and a one-stop shop for mamas. You can learn a lot about pregnancy, motherhood and catch up on your celebrity gossip in the one spot. The ‘Kids Lounge,’ I thought was a great point of difference – from boredom busters to ‘day out’ ideas, this site will entertain you, and your little ones.

Be a Fun Mum
Facebook Fans: 250k
Instagram Followers: 7k
This blog is all about connecting with yourself, as well as your children. It’s about being present, in the moment, and of course, learning how to be a fun Mum! This blog touches on mindfulness while offering a large number of practical arts and crafts ideas, lots of games and fun things to do with your littlest through to your teenager. This isn’t your usual mum blog site, and I loved its sentimental values.

Oh So Busy Mum
Facebook Fans: 117k
Instagram Followers: 39.5k
This one focuses on family travel, lifestyle, recipes and mum topics aplenty! What I really liked about ‘Oh So Busy Mum’ was its dedication to the humble lunch box! Lots of brilliant, easy and fun ideas to get your child eating healthily. I also love the fact there’s good, hearty, sugar-filled baking, with no apologies! ;)

Happy Mum, Happy Child
Facebook Fans: 321k
Instagram Followers: 67.5k
A great blog to turn to for any Kiwi mother. This one is dedicated to making mums feel less alone, and talks openly about Maria’s (the creator) PND. Lots of news, reviews, recipes and more, Happy Mum, Happy Child should be seen by all Kiwi mums.

The Best Nest
Facebook Fans: 19k
Instagram Followers: 11k
New Zealand’s first ‘Mummy Blogger’ - Melissa Jack has been writing about her experiences as a mother for nine years. For those of us just discovering her though, her blog is now morphing into something above and motherhood, with a focus on what makes a woman ‘her age’ (almost 40) truly happy, alive, vibrant and worthy. As well as reading about the usual topics, by checking out ‘The Best Nest’ you’ll be able to relate to a thing or two and learn a lot about what’s to come from someone who has been there and done that.

Becoming Mum
Facebook Fans: 47.5k
Instagram Followers: 10k
This is a beautiful mum blog, which as the title suggests, discusses all things related to being a new and evolving mum from the view of its author - Jess Bovey; a 32-year-old, mother of two. It also has a strong focus on mental health and does well in raising its awareness for all Kiwi mums.

The Motherhood Project
Facebook Fans: 51.5k
Instagram Followers: 10k
TMP began when Gemma Douglas found herself in a new place, as a new mum, and with very little support. She found it hard to meet people and felt isolated. The Motherhood Project is a phenomenal resource for all mothers embarking on their unique journey, and a brilliant place to learn from other women worldwide. Full to the brim with inspirational quotes, uplifting poetry as well as advice from the professionals, The Motherhood Project has gained a huge following and fast. It’s a wholesome, friendly, supportive community.

Facebook Fans: 26k
Instagram Followers: 2k
It’s got recipes, it’s got pregnancy and new mum related articles, it’s got all the good stuff we love in a blog, but it adds a little more in the way its primary focus is on creating ‘memories,’ and helping you with more family fun activities. I also love the ‘Just for You’ segment, it’s all for you! Great reading.

Written by Ellen Chisholm.

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